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Solar Headband

In this tutorial, we will make a headband that tells you maybe it’s time to consider putting on some shades or sunscreen. The headband has a vibration motor right behind your ear that will turn on if the solar panels…

Solar Necklace

What if you could harness the power of the sun to make your accessories glow (quite literally)? Mini solar panels made it possible for us to explore this idea through this project. The goal behind designing this necklace, as for…

Solar Scarf

 Level: Intermediate-Advanced The goal of this project was to use flexible, conductive materials (eTextiles) in combination with flexible solar panels to create a garment that can reliably generate power while also being durable, flexible and comfortable, ie– wearable!  This…

Hand Sewing Basics

A simple method for threading a needle. You can also try pushing the end of the thread through the eye of the needle directly, but if your thread is frayed, it may be difficult.

Light Coat

By IDM Grad Student Amy Hu  A light sensing panel inside the lining of a jacket so that when jacket is opened, LEDs turn on to bring attention to the objects being displayed.