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Kathleen McDermott (Faculty) 

Kathleen McDermott is an interdisciplinary artist and designer with a background in installation, prop-making, and sculpture, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She combines her knowledge of fabrication with open-source hardware to build a language of absurdity that merges new media, design, performance, and video. She is interested in technologies that are not productive, robots badly suited to absurd purposes and electronic creations beyond her control. She received her BFA from Cornell University and her MFA in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong. She a Ph.D. in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an Industry Assistant Professor at NYU Tandon.

Graduate Assistants

Woman with shoulder length dark hair wearing a black cardigan over a blue topSauda Musharrat

Sauda Musharrat is an aspiring inventor from Bangladesh, with a BSc in Computer Engineering and a minor in 3D Modeling & Animation. As an engineer, she has worked on robotics and developing technical solutions to challenges faced in Dhaka city and underresourced areas. She is pursuing her M.S. in the Integrated Design & Media program at NYU, exploring the dynamic of arts with technology to create impactful stories of diverse cultural communities. When she is not tinkering, she invests in crafting worlds through mixed media design experiments, reading, writing, and discovering new people and places. You can find more of Sauda’s work at




Woman with shoulder length dark hair wearing a black cardigan over a blue top

Bo Byun

Bo Byun was born in Seoul, Korea. In 2015, She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design. After graduation, Bo worked as a fashion designer for about 4 years, where she acquired fashion industry knowledge and skills. In fall 2019, she enrolled in the Integrated Design Media Masters program at New York University where she explores multidisciplinary experimentations with emerging media technologies. NYU allowed her to expand UX knowledge and integrate her working experiences into new sustainability research.  See more of Bo’s work at:


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Amy Hu

Amy Hu was born in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts. She furthered her studies at New York University with an M.S. in Integrated Digital Media. Amy enjoys being able to put on different “hats” to explore the relationship between digital/physical interfaces and the impacts they have towards users. See more of Amy’s work at:

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Aishwarya Tiwari

Aishwarya “Ash” Tiwari was born in Meerut, India. She is an interdisciplinary creator with a B.E. in Computer Science from BITS Dubai and an M.S. in Integrated Digital Media from NYU. Ash is both a designer and a developer and uses this dual expertise to bring her ideas to life. She has previously worked in Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Wearable Electronics in Mumbai, Dubai, and New York City respectively. Ash is also an avid gamer, a rock concert enthusiast, and a lover of caffeine and cats. Find more of Ash’s work at:

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Lauren Busser

Lauren Busser is a writer and editor from Connecticut. She has a Bachelor’s from Sarah Lawrence where she studied writing and literature and is a current graduate student in Integrated Digital Media at NYU. Her fiction and non-fiction work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and has appeared in Best Small Fictions. Her current research interests include the intersection of arts and science education and technology and spirituality. Find more of her work at:


Undergraduate Assistant

Dana Sy-Ching

Dana is a senior at NYU Tandon’s Integrated Design and Media program. With a passion for problem-solving and design, she aspires to design innovative experiences through technology. Her goal is to utilize design to create positive impacts in sustainability, accessibility, mental health, and connectivity. Beyond design, Dana’s interests include photography, ethics, dance, neuroscience, and coding. In her free time, she enjoys watching funny shows, walking, drinking tea, reading, and exploring new places. See more of Dana’s work at: