Tandon Teaches Face Mask

A woman in profile wearing a face mask made out of material from a t-shirt

This mask pattern was based on a video tutorial  by “HappyDanDongTV”  that uses a single rectangle of fabric. I’ve looked at lots of patterns, and they all have their pros and cons. Patterns that are more fitted tend to require cutting custom shapes, which can be challenging for a beginner. 

A great thing about the video above, is that it minimizes fabric waste, because the base shape is a rectangle. I have modified the rectangle shape to add 2″x4″ rectangles on the sides for ear flaps. This is not great for fabric waste, but it is an easier way to add ear flaps or ties if you don’t have a sewing machine.

This tutorial assumes you are getting your fabric from a t-shirt. Why? It’s any easy way to get cotton fabric. T-shirt fabric tends to stretch, which can make it a little difficult to work with. A plus side is the stretchiness works well for the ear flaps. You can definitely try this with different fabric, but you may need to use ties instead of flaps, shown at end of video. 

For more information on DIY mask making check out this google doc, which includes links to articles on fabric selection, and homemade filter selection. I like to use paper towel but have seen others discuss coffee filters and vacuum bags.

Remember that homemade masks are not substitutes for proper PPE. Hand wash your mask before use (take out filter) and air dry. Be safe.