[Tutorial] Solar Phone Charger Bag

holding a solar phone charger bag




Time to complete

Under 2 hours

Sewn by

Sewing machine, but use a method that works for you




Step1. Creating paper patterns

  1. Download Final paper pattern_solar charger bag.pdf and print it out in letter size paper.
    6 printed out paper patterns
  2. Cut out printed papers, following the line. Check the line reference box before you cut out.
  3. Measure the cut-out pieces to confirm the size before you tape them securely. See section 4 to check the exact measurements of each pattern. Please note that each page is  1″ overlapped to the other.
    A paper pattern is measured with a ruler
  4. Tape them accordingly to make patterns of body1, pocket 1, pocket 2. Once assembled, the dimensions of
    Body1 = 11.5”W x 14.7”H,
    Pocket 1 = 6.25”W x 11.5”H,
    Pocket 2 = 6.25”W x 11.5”H,
    Body, pocket1 and pocket2 pattern layout with detailed measurement
    3 assembled paper patterns: body, pocket1 and pocket2

Step2. Cutting leather with paper patterns.

  1. Lay all your pattern pieces out onto your leather.
    3 paper patterns lay down on leather
  2. Tape the patterns down using double-sided tape as this will hold more of the pattern paper flat while you are cutting. I used tape instead of pins because pins will remain holes after taking them out.
    Double sided tape put on paper pattern
  3. Double check measurements against your solar panel before you start cutting
  4. Cut the leather along with paper patterns. You will have 3 cut-out leather pieces: Body, Pocket1, Pocket2. (You can use any kind of cutting method, rotary cutter, box cutter, etc. Use a method that works for you. Please keep in mind that the edges will show in the final products.)
  5. After cutting out the leather, remove the paper pattern pieces from the leather.
    3 leather cut-outs

Step3. Sewing leather cut-out pieces.

  1. Hand stitches each corner of the solar panel to the inside of body 1a. Please reference the below image for the direction of the solar panel and lay it accordingly. Please note you should give space for fitting a USB cord. Here’s more info on how to hand sewing.
    A solar panel is hand stitched on leatherDotted line indicates where solar panel should be placed. Arrow points out space is needed for fitting in USB cord.
  2. To make it look clean from the outside, I didn’t sew the solar panel all the way through to the body 1a. It’s just personal preference. If you want to show hand stitches from the outside of the body, please try to be tidy and use a cool accent color if you want to make it more prominent.
    A needle goes through a hole in the solar panel.   Threads securely knot a hole in the solar panel.
  3. Sew pocket1 and pocket2 to the body 1a and 1b. Please note that pocket1 should attach to the side of body 1a and pocket2 should sew to the side of body 1b. Please see below layout photo for your reference. (Use sewing method that works for you: glue, hand stitch, sewing machine)
    Green letter indicate pocket1 and body1a. Red letter indicate body1b and pocket2.   A machine sews leather.
  4. After you attach pockets to the body, fold the body in half. And sew a straight line 1/2″ lower from the top to create a tunnel for the leather cord handle. Please see the below images for your reference.
    Blue arrow points out a sewn line in leather bag and a box bracket indicates the size of height, 1/2".
  5. Insert the leather cord into the tunnel you just created.
    A leather cord goes through the tunnel from a leather bag.
  6. Knot the ends of the cord together.
    A leather cord is knotted.
  7. Yay! You created a rechargeable messenger bag with a solar panel.
    Quarter view of solar phone charger bag.A solar charger bag is standing on the desk.